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The Social Angle of Addressing Student Pain Points

In recent times, with a rise in the vacancies of government jobs across the country, the youth of the nation have started displaying their interest in the public sector. Unfortunately, the number of candidates always exceeds the seats available. The same happens when thousands of students line up for various entrance exams every year. Children have to travel to far off centers which are either on the outskirts of the city or generally a different city altogether. This creates the following issues:

Firstly, the stress of appearing in a national level exam is already a predominant factor and the whole act of travelling to another city just shoots the anxiety to another level.

The heart always skips a beat while imagining all the possible worst situations like missing a train, getting your vehicle punctured and ultimately not able to give the exam

A number of students reach the exam city a day before only which presents another set of challenges for them, ie. Finding a place to stay!

If you are a woman, it becomes important to add security and hygiene in your checklist!

A student housing facility is the one-stop solution to all the above problems. It is a convenient option for all the millennials in India and elsewhere. The following reasons justify student housing today-

  • The rates of a student housing facility are nearly the same as that of a hotel or PG. Sometimes it is lesser because we provide discounts as per the needs of students and offer regular schemes.
  • Location! This is one of the biggest advantages because most of the student housing is deliberately placed close to the exam centre or college. So the tick-tick of the clock actually slows down when you have a house next to the exam centre.
  • Student housing is already furnished and hygienic enough to make you love the place. Accommodation is an evolving concept and we have tried to make it as modern as possible.
  • It provides a student with both safety and security in every sense. So, you need to lay back and eliminate all your worries being a girl!

The student housing facility is a novel concept and we have tried to bring as much clarity as possible to you. It is more suited for people who appear for exams in Pune from different cities, or shift here for education, be it in colleges or coaching centers.