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We understand the importance of comfortable accommodation in the academic life of students. Therefore, our mission aligns with providing world-class facilities to our hostel residents in an affordable amount. Students here can take their minds off the daily household chores, finding transport to the institutes, arranging for healthy and cooked meals. Ashtvinanayak Hostels take care of these needs of our students by providing a nurturing and homely environment.

You will find our student housing campuses full of activities such as consistent management of student accommodations, fully functional laundry and kitchen services, constant monitoring of student well-being and prompt redressal of critical feedback, incorporation of new facilities and processes based on the feedback of the resident students. The facilities provided in the Asthavinayak campuses are categorically taken care of, to ensure global best practices for our students to excel in their fields.


Infrastructure Facilities

  • Each room is provided with tables and comfortable seating arrangements besides the dormitory beds- 2 to 4 in number, as per the requirement.
  • We also allow customization of these facilities.
  • We have also incorporated separate study rooms for students in our infrastructural facilities.
  • Arrangement of communal lounge with TV sets is also provided on our premises.
  • There are also provisions for generous storage spaces in each room such as wardrobe space and storage.
  • You will get all the modern lodging facilities at Hive Hostels including modern washroom with geysers or hot water taps, beddings and air-conditioned rooms.


  • Hive housing facility holds no compromise with security and therefore, we provided 24x7 security personnel within the campus.
  • We have also installed a robust CCTV surveillance system to adhere to our standards of functioning.
  • We provide dine-in services including strictly vegetarian Jain food as per the students’ preferences.
  • Other facilities include high-speed internet wifi and broadband connections, parking facilities, house-help, maintenance of health and hygiene by our dedicated support staff.


  • Hive hostels have been built strategically in the heart of Pune, in close proximity with all educational institutes.
  • All our hostels are near the closest police stations for security needs.
  • We also have the availability of a female rector and male security personnel round the clock within the students’ reach.
  • With all these factors in place, parents can rest assured that their children are in safe hands at the Hive student housing.

Other Facilities

  • We organize regular community events and activities, the updates of which are delivered to the students consistently.
  • We have meets with professionals from specific fields. For example, when a CA meet is organized, students preparing for CA exams get an opportunity to network with individuals in the field.
  • We also allow socializing activities and have recreational areas within the campuses to arrange for effective stress management.
  • Our residence assistants and residence managers are available day in and day out to extend their goodwill and monitor the services.
  • Mental health is an important issue and is given serious importance at Hive. Wardens and staff members observe every student carefully and if any student wants to talk about it, they simply have to approach the respective wardens without fear.

Pricing Structure

Hive Student Housing is expanding across Pune and Mumbai with a mission of providing state-of-the-art rooms at affordable prices. Our rooms will deliver you a lumpsum comfort of not just staying in the hostel but also in commuting to and from your institute

Features of our pricing structure:

  • Value of money was the primary factor that we considered while finalizing the rental plans for our residents.
  • We give paramount importance to the security of our residents irrespective of the plans opted by them.
  • You will have a superior residential experience at an affordable price
  • Our pricing policy is absolutely transparent and therefore you will always find the facilities provided and rents charged in sync.
  • The rents vary depending upon the air-conditioning facilities, sharing options, and period of stay.

Here are some details about our pricing structure:

  • The features and facilities provided in all the rooms are common with the provision of customization as per your needs.
  • The exclusive offer by Hive student housing is that we have a single plan at low prices to provide a more inclusive offer. Therefore, our facilities would remain the same without varying facilities and plans for different price segments.