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Safety facilities at our premises will ensure that female students can carry on their daily activities without having to worry about their security. In fact, the housing facility’s design is created with budget, square footage, and number of occupants in mind.

Safety Security
  • Hive housing facility holds no compromise with security and therefore, we provided 24x7 security personnel within the campus
  • A high tech biometric system has been put into place for student entry and exit
  • A clear separation has been made between private and public areas
  • Entry points ensure that students walk past the guard desk. Similarly, the number of exit points is pretty high.
  • Local and working alarms are present on all floors
  • We have also installed a robust CCTV surveillance system to adhere to our standards of functioning
  • You will notice large windows on every floor which faces the building access
  • We pay special attention to the safety of our female residents, which is why we have several female and a few male security staff round the clock.
  • The transport facilities provided to you have been made available keeping in mind, the safety of our resident female students
  • An emergency helpline number is available for every resident

Safety guidelines for students

  • Lock your door always. This will prevent unauthorized persons from entering and possibly causing harm.
  • Do not let unknown people follow you into the building
  • Do not open your room door without verifying who it is
  • Have all the emergency number and contacts in an easily accessible place
  • Be selective about sharing your information on social media

Special care is being taken for the Covid-19 pandemic. Sanitizers are being issued to every student and dispensers have been placed in strategic locations around the campus. In case a student has been advised home quarantine, a different room will be provided and staff will help in shifting the student’s belongings.

Essential commodities such as milk, vegetables, and other grocery are being handled with through suitable methods. Essential staff for the housing facility will be permitted. Students must wear face masks whenever outside.